How to solve -1/2 = -9/10?

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asked Dec 31, 2011 by anonymous
Please solve -1/2 = -9/10 using the multiplication principle

1 Answer

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answered Jan 1, 2012 by Al
I MAY BE WRONG but I don't think there is a solution to this problem.

-1/2 does not equal -9/10

accordng to principles of multiplication multiplying both sides by the same non zero number won't change the solution set. I don't believe there is a number you can multiply both sides by to make those equal to each other.

its like saying 2=3 there is just no way you can solve that. you can multiply both sides by any number and it still won't be equal ( has to be the same number you multiply 2 by that you multiply 3 by).

now if it was -1/2x=-9/10 it would be a different story.

Happy new years.
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