There is a problem with White forest on pokémon white!

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asked Jun 1, 2011 by Acreusemperor

I have only a few pokémon in white forest. How come?
I already have some people in white forest but...
Do i have to go to white forest with my black game?
Thank you all ;-)

2 Answers

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answered Jun 1, 2011 by Jellypizza

Yes, people actually leave some days after you got them in your forest, you need to acces again to black city and bring some people to your forest

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answered Jun 1, 2011 by MC

people and grass disappear when you don't visit it often

there are two ways to get more people

1.go to a black city in someone else game and talk to people to get them to move to your world to everyone in white forest,go in the grass and visit white forest everyday

this should help :-)

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