How to import contacts from galaxy s3 to nexus 5?

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asked Nov 25, 2013 by echad

How do you import contacts from a Galaxy S3 to a Nexus 5?They're both Android devices, so is it a simple process?Do I need to save them to a SIM card?

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answered Nov 25, 2013 by Rajib

Several ways actually. The most simple way I found was to sync all your addresses to a Google Account. If you don't have one create one. On the S3:

From Settings Scroll down and choose Accounts and Sync.
Choose Add Account.
Choose Google.
Choose Existing to add an existing account.
Type in the email id of the account.
Fill in password and sign in.

On the other device, simply sync to the account again. All your contacts will be pulled in.

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answered Nov 29, 2013 by Izzy

The simplest way would have been using the contacts' app integrated export/import functionality:

  • on the "source device": open contacts, open menu, select "Export/Import", export to SDCard. This will export your entire contact list (including photos) to a .vcf file in the root of your sdcard.
  • copy the resulting *.vcf file to the "target device"
  • on the target device: open contacts, menu, export/import, import from SD. Chose the file.
  • Done.

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answered Feb 2, 2014 by user52240

I think what you should try and i just did and it works really fine is the mobile-trans application with it you get even to transfer the apps,videos,messages,call logs and a lot more stuff and you get it exactly as is.Though you'll have to connect your android devices to a computer with two USB cables.

You could also use dropbox on your S3 to save all your contacts in a cloud server as a vcf file(above), then sign in into the dropbox account using your nexus 5 and save the contacts in there, google should work fine.

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answered Mar 4, 2014 by simontare

Just login the same Google account on two different phones.
Google account will sync them automatically.
You may check more above.
Alternatively, you can follow the tutorial below.
How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Nexus

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answered Jan 29, 2015 by Vxkvonnrr (260 points)
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answered Jan 29, 2015 by Vxkvonnrr (260 points)
You can use Andorid Devices Manager to transfer android phone contacts to another android phone .
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