Impact crusher applied in hematite ore mining

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asked Nov 26, 2014 by wubiao386

Also known as red hematite ore, its chemical formula is iron sesquioxide, it is a kind of weakly magnetic iron ore, good flotability of the magnetite, iron content is 50% ~ 60%, the hardness of 5 ~ 6, is one of the main raw material of iron.

Hematite ore dressing process´╝Ü

Iron ore - > coarse(primary crushing) - > manganese crusher for sale (second crushing) - >grinding mill- > screening - > washing roughing - > selected table iron ore - > powder purification .

This process adopts the undressed ore selected after rough and fine breaking into the ball mill grinding, and then through the screening and washing of roughing, again through the shaking table or spiral chute purification, generally concentrate grade can reach more than 60%, the process cost is low, quick effect, simple operation, low technical content, is the best choice of small moment, of course, also with the nature of the mineral to decide whether to use gravity separation process.

Symons cone crusher with hematite ore

Iron ore crusher symons vsi crusher machine (CS) is my company on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign technology,according to customer demand, based on the principle of laminating crushing and more broken less mill concept design research and development of high frequency, optimized chamber type and reasonable stroke in a body's modern high performance spring cone crusher. Practice has proved that CS series high spring cone crusher with its excellent performance, reliable quality and cost-effective, win the trust of users worldwide, and is the ideal substitute of traditional cone crusher. CS series high spring cone crusher is applied to the black, non-ferrous metal ore dressing process, can effectively reduce the ore into the grinding granularity, achieve more broken less grinding, can not only improve the mill's production capacity, and electricity saving, section steel, greatly improve the economic benefits of mill plant.

Impact crusher applied in hematite ore mining

Impact crusher is popular with customers in the crusher market, because of its simple structure, small volume, broken than large, uniform grain etc, favored by customers. Impact quarry crusher in india for coal, coke, slag, all kinds of stone and limestone crushing granularity and, therefore, in the mining, cement, electric power and metallurgy, etc widely used. Impact crusher at run time, regularly to hammer head wear, hammer crusher is the primary components, the effect of the stand or fall of impact crusher hammer head. Crusher in the actual production has its own feed particle size and the discharging granularity, feed particle size can't exceed crusher feed particle size, otherwise it will impact crusher crushing effect, serious when cause the damage of crusher. Zenith has rich experience in hematite mining, mining equipment companies provide a full range of hematite, you can come to our company on-the-spot investigation, understand my company's successful cases. Or counseling online customer service for more detailed information.


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