The new policy of soared Sand making machine good sales

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asked Dec 18, 2014 by anonymous

Under a series of favorable policies to stimulate, Henan Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. (Heavy) Sand production of new sales soared in the first half of this year.

In the 12th Five Year Plan of the enterprise proposed road green production, promote new Sand, stone production line and sand production line equipment. Promotion of the Sand, stone production line, sand production line equipment, will greatly reduce the waste of resources, to avoid polluting the environment.

SBM is a production of large and medium-sized series crusher (sand making the third generation, the new Sand, Sand river gravel, pebble crusher, etc.), milling machine, sand making production line , sand production line mainly sand manufacturers, research and development, production and sales of the joint-stock enterprises. Our company has developed a new type of sand making an internationally advanced level of low energy equipment, 50% energy saving than traditional sand making machine, its sand making machine performance plays an irreplaceable role in a variety of ores thin broken equipment, is currently the most row effective, practical and reliable gravel machine. In the national market achieved excellent market share, product performance even better. The device is simple in structure, low cost, energy efficient, high rates of gravel, and operation and maintenance, easy installation, the machine designed for highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing stations offer quality sand aggregate, artificial sand making and stone shaping the field device of choice.

Continue to accelerate the upgrading of sand making machine, to seek greater development. Since March, the market began to recover sand, sand making machine equipment market a lot of demand, with the market requirements, the new sand making equipment once again usher in the first crusher equipment manufacturing sales peak. Factory orders is hot, groups of all stand-alone device placed in the shop, waiting for further processing, delivery orders almost every day, we can see how good Sand, come buy it.

sand making machine innovative green development path has been fully open

Ecological environment deteriorating day by day, it is our obvious facts, garbage, industrial waste, waste gas, waste water is fatal to the environment, Sand manufacturers are companies are doing their best efforts to reduce energy consumption, Sand achieve our industry from large to strong ambitious projects, innovation Sand green development path has been fully opened.

Low-carbon, environmental, economic development has become a major trend in sand making industry, for this ambitious goal, heavy make adjustments following three aspects:

1, the technical levels. Compared with developed countries, China Sand technical level has been in a very embarrassing situation, not high not low, flattening, coupled with a high degree of pollution for the environment, to create a very large crusher manufacturers of pressure and urgency sense, Sand manufacturers need to constantly combine contemporary market demand, while drawing on advanced foreign technology, independent research and development for new technologies and thus the domestic market.

2, Careers. Training of technical personnel for each enterprise is crucial for the internal personnel training for enterprise-wide training and development needs of their own conditions, high-tech talent recruitment for the outside world, you can get the experience and technology to other companies, direct save a lot of costly mistakes.

3, to improve their overall level. Sand is actually competing manufacturers overall level of competition, there are different degrees of mutual confidentiality and mutual blockade phenomenon is beyond reproach Sand between manufacturers, this is a business in itself necessarily reflect development considerations, but companies exchange and communication between manufacturers is not only the key to promote the rapid development of Sand, sand making industry while also revitalizing our strong point footnote.


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