On a sand making machine, a table assembly getting a reinforcing ring is disclosed

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On a vertical shaft effect crusher, a table assembly getting a reinforcing ring is disclosed. The sand making machine for crushing aggregate material contains a frame, with the table assembly getting mountable towards the frame for rotation about a vertical axis. The sand making machine involves a housing defining an impact surface spaced about an interior from the housing and surrounding the table assembly. The table assembly comprises a leading surface, a bottom surface, in addition to a peripheral edge. The prime surface involves a central portion defining an aggregate landing surface, with the central portion getting adapted to permit outward migration of your aggregate material in response to rotation of the table assembly. A plurality of shoe assemblies are mounted to the major surface adjacent to and spaced along the peripheral edge, with every single shoe assembly being adapted to trigger the outwardly migrating aggregate material to be thrown against the housing influence surface in response to rotation of your table assembly. The shoe assemblies collectively imparting a downward bending moment to the table assembly in response to rotation in the table assembly. A reinforcing ring is mounted for the table assembly bottom surface, with the reinforcing ring being responsive to rotation of the table assembly to thereby counteract the downward bending moment, whereby the stresses on the table assembly are relieved.

Vertical shaft influence crushers are frequently known in which centrifugal force is applied to hurl significant rocks against an influence surface, thereby to acquire smaller crushed rocks. Rock material is typically fed into a rotating impeller which hurls the rock material against a plurality of anvils disposed in regards to the impeller. In the alternative, the rotating impeller throws the rock material against a bed of currently crushed rock alternatively in the anvils. In either event, the rock crusher processes somewhat larger rock material into comparatively smaller crushed rock.

One particular significant consideration inside the design of rock crushers is the extension from the helpful life span of your gear. It will be appreciated that certain in the elements come into direct contact together with the rock material and, consequently, are subject to put on. Accordingly, the wear components are typically releasably attached for the rock crushing apparatus so that they may be removed and replaced. Other elements are intended to become permanent, and for that reason has to be protected from direct speak to with all the rock material. The non-wear elements are often far more permanently attached towards the crusher apparatus.


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