It truly is an object to supply a sand making machine

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asked Apr 29, 2015 by anonymous

It truly is an object of your present invention to supply a sand making machine in which anvils are every single permitted to put on more than the complete region thereof in the heightwise path, thereby permitting a reduction within the frequency of replacement with the anvils.

It truly is another object of your present invention to supply a vertical shaft effect crusher in which blades are every permitted to wear more than the whole area thereof, thereby permitting a reduction inside the frequency of replacement from the blades.

It truly is nonetheless a different object of your present invention to supply a vertical shaft effect crusher in which the heightwise position of anvils is often readily adjusted by a basic operation, in order that maintenance is facilitated.

It is a additional object with the present invention to provide a vertical shaft influence crusher in which blades may be readily attached and removed by a simple operation, to ensure that maintenance is facilitated.

To attain these objects, the present invention offers a vertical shaft impact crusher like a housing, a vertical rotating shaft rotatably supplied inside the housing and rotated at a high speed, a rotor  offered around the upper end of the vertical rotating shaft to discharge centrifugally an object of crushing, which is cast in to the housing, for the outer periphery thereof, and an anvil assistance frame disposed in the housing to surround the outer periphery from the rotor and supplied with anvils for collision using the object of crushing discharged in the rotor. The anvil support frame  is movable up and down within a direction parallel for the central axis with the vertical rotating shaft. The vertical shaft impact crusher further consists of help signifies disposed in the housing for supporting the decrease finish of the anvil help frame; vertically moving means disposed in the housing for vertically moving the anvil help frame inside a direction parallel to the central axis of the vertical rotating shaft; and adjusting signifies disposed around the support indicates for adjusting the heightwise position from the anvils when the anvil support frame (60) is moved up by the vertically moving implies.

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