How to get the deleted LG text message back ?

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asked May 22, 2015 by Marjorie5
Is there any way to recover the messages that I accidentally deleted on my LG phone. I am not using Google backup or any other backup service and have never synced with any other device.

2 Answers

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answered Dec 17, 2015 by gallkyt

For android users, you can try Coolmuster Samsung Data Recovery software to get messages back. Install it on your computer .It can help scan and find all the data in your Samsung phones and SD cards.

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answered Mar 22, 2017 by kokugaisya (6,140 points)

If you accidentally deleted some important messages on LG cell phone by accident, don't worry, pro LG Messages Recovery software can help us do that easily. Before that, you should make sure all deleted text messages won't be overwritten by new data. 

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