sand making machines Continue to Adopt New Technology

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asked Aug 10, 2015 by birder2525 (3,280 points)

Our sand making machine continues to adopt the latest technology which combines both domestic and foreign advanced research results in order to meet increasing market demand.

Our sand making machine always walk in the forefront of mining machinery market in domestic; according to market needs, it forms a complete product chain which gives priority to the sand making machine, sand making machine, mobile crushing station and construction waste treatment equipment and makes vibrating screen, feeder and complete product line as complementary products.

The sand making machine uses the spring insurance device, hydraulic cleaning chamber, as components selection and structure design is reasonable, which is economical and practical. When the new series sand making machine is working, the motor drives the eccentric ring spin through V-belt, big belt wheel, transmission shaft, big bevel gear and small bevel gear.

Our sand making machine runs like this: the crushing cone spins by the force of eccentric ring, which makes the crushing wall approach and leave rolling mortar wall to and forward, so the materials get impacted and broken in the crushing chamber formed by fixed cone and movable cone. The material are discharged from the bottom after several times crushing by the sand making machine until they get the required grade.

As a leading professional manufacturer of sand making machine in China, we have improved our sand making machines with more and more advantages like high crushing ability, fine product shape, long life of spare parts, easy maintenance, low cost of production, reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical data, reliable work and low cost, and high productivity.

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