Using Amount of Lubricating Grease for vertical roller mill

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asked Nov 5, 2015 by birder2525 (3,980 points)

Vertical roller mill is fundamental and necessary for expanding its service life, for this reason, it is advisable to learn more about the application and determination of the amount of the lubrication grease for vertical roller mill.

The amount of the lubrication grease should reach the requirements of maintaining and repairing the vertical roller mill equipment, and it cannot be too much nor too less. If the amount of the oil is too much, the equipment will be hot; if the amount of the oil is too less, the equipment will be damaged due to less oil. On the other hand, the workers should regularly check, add and change the lubricating grease. The model and number of the used oil cannot be made wrong and the workers should also make sure that there is no foreign matter or water in the oil.

Using ranges of the lubrication grease for vertical roller mill:
1. The amount of the lubricating grease in the lubricating station of the main bearing of the cement mill should be appropriate and the channel for oiling should be unblocked.
2. All the driving devices of the equipment including the reduction box, electric motor and the connection axial organ should be added with proper oil.
3. Oil should be added properly in all electric executive organizations.
4. Examine whether the lubrication oil goes bad and whether the oil should be changed.

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