Useful Tips on How to Select Ideal vertical roller mills

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All enterprises hope to gain their goals of making the most profit with the least production and cost. But how can we successfully choose the proper grinding machine among so many manufacturers? Here our company will show you detailed tips on how to select ideal vertical roller mill or ball grinders to guarantee high quality, high yield and low cost.

As we all know, the vertical roller mill is one of the most important devices in the ore benefication process. It is often used in the last stage of the grinding process, which directly decides the particle size of the ground products. Ball grinders with so much weight serving as the giant in the production process need large amount of power to support its operation. Adding water and oil during the production continuously can lower the temperature of the vertical roller mill and reduce the wear degree as well. This shows that we need to compare the grinding efficiency, power consumption, and water and oil consumption of the ball grinder so that we can choose the perfect and effective equipment.

At present, there are few manufacturers able to making vertical roller mills and our company belongs to one of them. energy saving ball grinder, cone vertical roller mill and ceramics vertical roller mill are all performing very well in the market with low power consumption and can save as much as 20% energy. In addition, the vertical roller mills are famous for the following advantages: 1. Thanks to the special lubrication measure, the energy saving vertical roller mills effectively reduces the abrasion during the operation of the device with the oil consumption as low as 10% of the traditional one. 2. The optimized interior structure of the vertical roller mill makes full use of the remaining electrical machine capacity, thus realizing high yield. 3. The shutdown and reduction of output caused by the temperature rising of the bearing can be easily avoided so that its production efficiency is higher than the traditional vertical roller mill.

Whether to choose the grate ball mil or overflow vertical roller mill widely used in the industries of construction, mining and chemical engineering, users will realize that vertical roller mill or ball grinder takes the responsibility of grinding minerals. Therefore, energy saving and environmental friendly performance will be the priority of selecting vertical roller mills.

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