Overall performance Characteristics of Impact crusher

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The tertiary impact crusher is really an effective crushing device that may be capable to notice “more crushing and less grinding”, reduce production cost of the companies and improve Gypsum Block Production Line the production efficiency, and it has been widely used in many industries such as metallurgy, building materials, coal for fine crushing.

Tertiary Impact crusher belongs to vertical crushing device and the main composing parts include electromotor, main engine and the driving system. Its overall performance traits are list as follows:

1. The material discharging gap has adjusting function, so that the product granularity is even and stable;

2. It is a kind of vertical Fully Mobile Limestone Crusher with good sealing property and less powder dust emission;

3. It has high crushing ratio and crushing efficiency;

4. The energy consumption is low and it is able to replace part work in the first stock of the grinding equipment, thus greatly improving the production efficiency of the grinding mill and reducing the steel and electricity consumption;

5. The easy wearing parts adopt high quality antifriction alloy materials, thus significantly improving the service life of the equipment.

The tertiary impression crusher is designed according to the principle of grading crushing of the materials and that the input energy gradually increases and it mainly crushes the materials relying on the impacting force. Its doing the job process is like this: the materials gets impacting effect of the subplate of the rotor rotating with high speed after falling into the cylinder from the material feeding mouth, and then the materials will be thrown to the impacting plate along the tangential direction of the rotor with high speed, and return to the crushing chamber between the outside circle of the rotor and the impacting p plate along the slanting tooth surface of the impacting plate. This process will go on and on for many times until the materials meet the granularity requirement and are discharged out of the crushing equipment

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