How to reduce the dust pollution of jaw crusher

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asked Dec 28, 2015 by birder2525 (3,980 points)

Reduce the dust pollution of Used Portable Concrete Crusher, reduce the harm to environment is all of us should pay attention to.Now,let's look at how to reduce the dust pollution of jaw crusher.

1. The control of the dust source. Jaw crusher feed port and discharging port is the source of dust produced, we can producing dust point with a seal cover seal, and then use the fan to Used Crushers For Sale smoke dust work, while also using wet dust collector to systemic air purification treatment, reduce dust pollution.

2. The reasonable technological process. Some traditional unreasonable production technology will lead to dust produced in great quantities, so must be adopted advanced technical process and equipment for production and environmental protection.

During transport should use the transport equipment with good sealing performance, not only can reduce the material scattered and dust, still can make the configuration between each activity is more flexible.3.Wet dust removal and exhaust dust removal. In jaw crusher feeding mouth and tape of transshipment point setting spray device, can reduce the dust pollution in the workshop.

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