How to Restore iPad Lost Data after Updated to iOS 11

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asked Jul 4, 2017 by Gewsiteser (640 points)

Apple iOS 11 which of the control center of the reconstructed UI, using a more flat icon, then click the specific icon will pop up to the corresponding two menu functions, while the lock screen message interface also supports the upper and lower left sliding support for more information integration and display.

Map update, on the floor of the new landmark, even down to a single store, the mainstream of the airport also will be supported, in addition to navigation, route optimization tips, also joined the one driving function, in addition to the emergency information, the driver's mobile phone will not receive any notice, and can automatically reply.

Homekit support, a substantial increase in support for third party equipment, in addition to cameras, doorbell and other equipment, but also joined the support of wireless speakers.

However, many iPad users did not learn the lessons of the past, there is no backup phone data before upgrading the system, therefore, the loss of data is inevitable. So, how to recover data on iPad after iOS 11 update? Please don't worry, what you need is just the iPad Data Recovery or iPad Data Recovery for Mac.

iPad Data Recovery and iPad Recovery for Mac allows you to retrieve all lost data from your iPad. It works in two different modes:" Recover from iPad Directly" and "Recover from iTunes/iCloud Backup Files". Using this software to restore your lost and deleted files is almost as easy as getting your hair done, now just sit still and watch the magic hands.

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Have you also meet the similar situation? Please don’t worry, because iPad Data Recovery can deliver you from this trouble safely and fast.

Reocver Lost Data from iPad after iOS 11 Update

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