sand making machine assisted highway construction

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asked Oct 27, 2017 by birder2525 (3,280 points)

Related news reports, Twelfth Five Year Plan period, will accelerate the construction of roads, focus on the development of the highway network construction, by 2015 to achieve the's highway to 812 kilometers. Highway construction is a sign of the level of modernization, for 17 consecutive years ranked first in the sub provincial of  has realized high speed connecting the center and county area, one hour tour in to become a reality. 

highway plan is next, sand making machine will continue to exert its advantages, to provide high-quality aggregate for road production line. expressway construction is the peak in 2005-2007 years, 3 years Liqinglai Expressway section, section of Rong Wu high speed feeder, Rong Wu high-speed segment and that Ping speed such as highway 4 also completed, the traffic mileage of 700 kilometers, it is road construction dazzling history, the glory belongs to the wisdom of the people of  also belong to the sand machine manufacturers.In order to complete the state of highway layout in advance, the manufacturers were upgraded to the sand making machine, the introduction of Germany advanced sand technology, combined with the of sand resources, the analysis of yield and quality standard of highway aggregate, design the mechanism of sand production line of high cap efficiency.


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