the realization of the continuous operation

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asked Oct 31, 2017 by birder2525 (4,200 points)

In addition to computer operation and automation control mentioned above, the mobile crushing station in coal dressing has a distinct advantage can be equipped with single power group, if a sudden power outage, crushing station can still continue to work, the realization of the continuous operation of production line. 


Compared with the same industry equipment, station price advantage is also evident broken construction waste crusher, and ordinary compared to crushing production line, production capacity is increased by 40% and the equipment investment can be reduced 20%. Developed countries in Europe and America, station performance advantage by virtue of its mobile convenience, environmental protection and efficient mobile crushing, used in the construction waste crusher market share abroad reached 60%-70%. 


Opencast construction waste crusher can be used in the development of coal, believe that will bring great economic benefit, led the mining industry usher in a new world, continue to maintain the leading in the development process of traditional energy.


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