promote the development of sand and stone processing

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asked Jan 9, 2018 by birder2525 (3,280 points)

You can also add a sand making machine, to improve the cleanliness and quality of stone sand. After the above stone line processes of sand production after the bluestone is an important raw material of sand road, particle of product output is fine and uniform, adhesion, pouring water after a small gap between the sand grains, especially suitable for the use of highway subgrade. 


Stone sand making machine we used sand technology in Germany advanced, our engineer based on sand making machine on the new development has a number of independent patent property rights of a new generation of products, a collection of three broken mode in one. Stone sand production line system with a new design, such as material design combined polishing, only need to replace worn parts, and as the weeks wear protective plate local after using the up and down the U-turn, these are aimed at stone sand making machine equipment to provide customers with a low cost and high efficiency. 


In addition, it adopts a cavity design optimization, through capacity of the material is greatly improved, yield up to 520 tons / hour, and after it is processing cubeshaped product is uniform and reasonable gradation composition, particle shape, fineness according to different uses arbitrary regulation.


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