adopts advanced German sand technology

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asked Jan 17, 2018 by birder2525 (3,360 points)

With the development of society, the process of city more and more quickly, people are paying more and more attention of engineering quality, therefore put forward higher requirements on the quality of sand. It is the customer should choose what equipment to produce high quality meets the requirements of sand mechanism? sand making machine is a key equipment in the production line for sand. 5x sand making machine adopts advanced German sand technology, our engineer based on sand making machine on the new development has a number of independent patent property rights of a new generation of products.


It brings together three broken mode in one, has become the core equipment of sand industry, can provide high quality sand aggregate a lot for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, construction of the dam, hydropower concrete mixing station. It has wide applicability, can be made of sand material and processing of various common, such as gravel, Xuan Wuyan, granite, etc.. Shanghai Zenith sand making machine with a new design, which aims to provide a high effective and low cost system sand machine for customers: 1, it uses the head design combined polishing, only need to replace worn expected to throw the first part, can reduce the cost of more than 30%; 2, Zhou guard plate appear local wear can use the up and down the U-turn, improve material utilization rate of more than 48%; 3, use after deep cavity type rotor after optimum design, so that the material is increased about 30% by volume.


These important components are made from high wear-resistant material, prolong the service life, reduce the loss. In addition, it also has the material through the large capacity, high yield, stable operation, convenient operation, hydraulic Japan imported accessories while the cover opening device, the mobile can be convenient cover, to realize the maintenance of the body's internal, more time-saving. If you want to know more about the working principle of its intuitive, you can view the sand making machine video and pictures on our website. Our sand making machine has passed the inspection of many users, is widely used in all kinds of sand production line, has brought the mechanism of sand of high quality for the customer, product is a cube, grain shape, reasonable gradation composition, fineness can be adjusted, especially suitable for artificial system sand and stone plastic.



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