Current and Future Direction of Ultrafine Mill Machinery Industry

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asked Feb 6, 2018 by sbmcrusher (1,080 points)

The specialty industrial park is an important platform to enhance the overall quality of the industry. Promote the park development from Comprehensive Park to functional park and distinctive park, and the specialty industrial park. Therefore, we should support the infrastructure construction and corporate construction projects of key industrial park, and expand the scale of park development, and enhance the park industrial economic strength. With the development of society, the needs of the ultrafine mill, simple mining process can’t meet a lot of production. Zenith Machinery has produced a new type of magnetic separator production line configured by vibrating feeder, slots feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, concentrator and dryer and other major machines through unremitting efforts, Zenith magnetic separator production line has advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high handling capacity and economic rationality, etc.
The construction of key industrial park is wide-known development mode of large enterprises of the ultrafine mill machinery industry. The high-end manufacturing means updating industrial competitiveness from Made in China to Create in China, which is the development need of Chinas economy in restructuring stage. For equipment manufacturing industry, in particular, that only has core manufacturing capabilities can get the added value so as to realize a high-end high-yield, and gradually gather real competitive advantage and thus become a respected global competitor in the market.
Therefore, ultrafine mill machine enterprises should strengthen technological innovation and integration technology, breakthrough core and key technologies relying on major science and technology. In addition, we must strengthen the construction of industrial talents including a contingent of entrepreneurs, professional and technical personnel, and industrial workers, industrial talent pool to strengthen independent innovation capacity.

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