ultrafine mill necessary to install explosion-proof device

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asked Feb 22, 2018 by birder2525 (4,440 points)

For the work of ultrafine mill, in order to obtain good production efficiency, we must not only ensure standard operation, but also pay attention to the maintenance and repair, in addition, we should pay attention to the production of safety issues, in this case refers to personal safety and Machine safety, in addition to ensuring airtight, solid foundation, but also made the installation of explosion-proof device, really necessary?
ultrafine mill at work, the problems that may arise are more, some will affect the production efficiency of the machine, while others will affect the safety of all the problems, no matter what kind of problem, we need us Timely solution, one of the problems, for production, it is very necessary to prevent, that is the issue of the explosion, in general, in actual industrial production, the explosion of industrial machinery is very rare, but for the ultrafine mill is used to produce fine powder, coupled with the role of high temperature, this problem is likely to occur, in order to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, it was proposed to install explosion-proof device, this device is really effective ?
First of all, ultrafine mills are produced for a variety of ore raw materials, including some combustible and explosive materials such as coal, the processing of such materials is more dangerous, it is likely to occur due to high temperature and other issues Explosion phenomenon, it is very necessary to install explosion-proof devices;
Followed by the explosion will not only cause damage to production, but also for the personal safety of staff is a great danger, from this point of view, the installation of explosion-proof devices is even more necessary


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