ultrafine mill industry investment prospects

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asked Apr 18, 2018 by birder2525 (4,440 points)

Since the 'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' period, the state has successively issued the 'Policy for the Development of the Cement Industry Industry' and the 'Special Plan for the Development of the Cement Industry,' and called for continuous optimization of the ultrafine mill industry structure to guide the development of China's ultrafine mill industry. China's development of ultrafine mill not only has policy advantages, but also has significant advantages in resources, technology, and markets.

First, resource advantages. China's vast territory contains abundant resources of ultrafine mill raw materials, especially limestone reserves are huge, with 35.8 billion tons proven, while others such as marble reach 50 billion tons, and refractory clay and bauxite mines reach 30 billion tons. In addition, coal reserves account for 12.6% of the world's reserves. They are valuable raw materials for the ultrafine mill industry. They not only have abundant reserves, but also have high grades and good use values. It provides a huge resource advantage for the development of China's ultrafine mill industry.

Followed by technical advantages. The development of the ultrafine mill industry is inseparable from the ultrafine mill process equipment. As far as ultrafine mill grinding equipment is concerned, the ultrafine mill produced can already surpass the world ultrafine mill grinding equipment level. 's ultrafine mill vertical grinding machines and other grinding equipment are based on decades of experience and experts. They have absorbed technology and researched and developed. 



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