vertical roller mill in Diatomaceous Earth

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asked Apr 19, 2018 by birder2525 (4,200 points)

The utilization of diatomite mainly depends on the extent of its deep processing, and ultra-fine milling machine is the premise and guarantee for various deep processing. Therefore, the development of ultrafine mill equipment to a certain extent determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization of diatomite products.

According to the survey, the development of contemporary ultrafine powder technology, especially the advent of new ultrafine powder mills has greatly promoted the development and utilization of non-metallic minerals such as diatomaceous earth. And its deep processing technology continues to improve, basically able to meet their own industry and related fields of raw materials required for the quality requirements.

In addition, vertical roller mill has made some efforts in energy conservation and environmental protection, because energy conservation and environmental protection are more and more taken seriously in our country. Many Chinese manufacturers of mining equipment have also improved a lot in this regard. Through the grinding system Optimize, unwilling to develop a new roller device, grinding roller and grinding ring in the grinding process is always in balance, forming an average line contact grinding zone. This can greatly improve the super-fine work efficiency, but also improved the sealing of the equipment and other aspects, making the equipment in the diatomite production process to reduce the pollution of the environment a lot.

This article mainly introduces the application of vertical roller mill in 120 mesh diatomaceous earth processing, mainly the vertical roller mill to meet the market demand for the fineness of diatomite and the demand, but also to reduce the environment when processing Pollution, is an environmentally friendly college equipment.


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