Factors that Impact Efficiency Improvement of Ultrafine Mill

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asked Apr 25, 2018 by kuangshanposui (3,360 points)

Ultrafine Mill is one of the most important crushing and grinding machines in the ore dressing plant, but its energy consumption is the highest in the ore beneficiation production line. The working efficiency of ultrafine mill directly influence the economic benefits of ore dressing plant, for this reason, it is paramount to improve the production efficiency of ultrafine mill.Generally speaking, the factors that impact the efficiency improvement of ultrafine mill are as follows: Under the fierce market competition in the mining industry, in the light of the principle of "honest and profession", the professional experts of Machinery have researched and developed a type of new and energy-saving ultrafine mill and taken a sustainable step in the mining machinery industry.

Reduction Gear, Increasing the rotation speed is the key to improve working efficiency of Ultrafine Mill. For this reason, properly improving the reduction gear can also have a certain effect, and the qualified ore dressing plant can install frequency changer to adjust the rotation speed. Water addition, The water content in the ores also has an impact on the working efficiency of ultrafine mill, for this reason, properly increasing the water content of the rocks and ores inside the grinding chamber can improve working efficiency of ultrafine mill. Dispersing Agent, Adding dispersing agent can improve working efficiency of ultrafine mill to some degree.

Electric current, As for ultrafine mill, increasing electric current is to increase the rotation speed because when the rotation speed of ultrafine mill is high, its working efficiency will be improved. However, what should be paid attention is the electric current should be increased among the rated power ranges; otherwise the ultrafine mill may be burnt down. Diameter of grinding balls, The diameter of the grinding balls can be different, so that the ores with different sizes inside the grinding chamber can be fully ground, thus improving working efficiency of ultrafine mill. Configuration of raw materials, The configuration of the raw materials should be proper in order to improve both strength and weight of the grinding balls, so that the inertia of the grinding balls can be increased, thus improving the working efficiency of ultrafine mill.


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