reduce the power consumption of ultrafine mill

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asked May 10, 2018 by birder2525 (4,200 points)

This is a good way to reduce cost investment. The article is mainly analyzed through three aspects. According to the introduction, it can be found that the power consumption increases during the operation of the ultrafine mill. The main reason is that the operation is irrational, so it needs to be used in a standardized manner.

The first point is the situation of feeding, because the ultrafine mill has strict requirements on the nature of the material, hardness, size, viscosity and other aspects are consistent with the needs of the mill, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production, if there is a non-conformity The situation will then result in an increase in the difficulty of production. Therefore, when working, it will increase the power consumption. To solve this problem, the solution we need is to ensure the reasonableness of the input.

The second issue is the amount of material to be charged. For each type of ultrafine mill machine, its production capacity is determined. Before starting the machine, we need to adjust the parameters of each aspect according to the determined production capacity and the demand for finished products. If the amount is too large or too small, it will cause the waste of electricity in production, which will naturally increase the consumption of electricity in production. To solve this problem, the solution we need to take is to strictly control the amount of feed;

The third point is to prevent the clogging phenomenon. When the ultrafine mill is working, if there is a blockage, it will cause a large amount of materials to accumulate in the interior, which will naturally increase the running resistance of the equipment. This is to increase power consumption. As an important aspect, we need to strictly prevent it.


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