Why are ultrafine mills the Most Efficient Grinders?

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asked May 18, 2018 by kuangshanposui (3,540 points)

The Ultrafine Mill has a wide range of applications among so many mining machines and it is regarded as the highest working efficiency grinding equipment. Today our experts will tell you the secret of the most efficient grinding machine, namely the importance of the ore grinding medium which will make difference to the ore beneficiation plants. First, the shape and materials of the grinding medium plays an important role. As one grinding medium with the direct influence on the minerals, the medium should meet two requirements: large surface area which can provide enough touching area with the minerals; much weight which will provide enough energy for the grinding materials.

The particle size and the proportion of the Ultrafine Mill medium are also important factors for the ultrafine mill. The particle size of the medium will have much effect on the ball mill’s impacting, pressing and grinding effects of minerals. Meanwhile we should also pay attention to the particle size and properties of the minerals that are to be ground. Last, the charge weight of the grinding medium has also great effect on the working efficiency of the ultrafine mill. When the diameter, length and the revolution of the ball mill are fixed, the charge weight of the materials should be controlled within 50% so that the ball mill’s available power will increase as well as the productivity. In addition, different revolution speeds will lead to different charging weight of the materials. Knowing the basic information of the ball mill’s grinding medium will help users in the real operation of the ball mills.

Small abrasion of the metal. In the running process of ultrafine mill, no metal materials directly contact with each other, so that the abrasion is small, and the unit abrasion consumption for limestone is generally 4-6 g/t. Low noise and little powder dust. In the working process of ultrafine mill, the grinding sound is soft, often about 80 db. The grinding roll and the grinding disk does not contact with each other. Vertical mill adopts integrated sealing, and the system works under negative pressure, so the powder dust is little. Even final products. The qualified products inside the vertical mill can be timely discharged, thus avoiding over grinding and the product granularity is even.


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