Recycled building waste aggregate

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asked May 28, 2018 by kuangshanposui (3,440 points)

Construction waste mainly comes from land excavation, worn-out Construction Waste Crusher materials, road excavation and construction construction sites. From the sources of planning, design, materials and components selection and construction management, the effect of reducing construction waste can be achieved, but construction waste is still inevitable. The reporter learned from the Municipal Planning and Construction Bureau that there are few rework of public facilities design changes. However, the two types of design changes cannot be effectively supervised: First, due to the lack of awareness of overall planning, some companies often have a lot of construction waste when the building is knocked on by knocking on the east; there is also private housing in rural areas. Changes, renovations and other processes have also produced a large amount of construction waste.

In the supervision of the Construction Waste Crusher process of the building, last year the City Planning and Construction Bureau won the first prize in the construction of a safe and civilized construction contest in the construction of City. According to the director of the Municipal Construction Quality Supervision Station Yan Yan, at present, in the construction of the city, steel scaffolding is promoted in more than 25 meters and gradually replaces the past bamboo scaffolds.

The template is also changed from the past wood form to the steel formwork during the construction process. China also advocates a "clearance" system to minimize waste of building materials. As a result, the one-time investment of builders has increased. Due to the lack of a unified understanding, it has encountered many difficulties in implementation.


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