Vertical mills bring good news to business development

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asked Jul 9, 2018 by kuangshanposui (3,440 points)

The vertical roller mill is an advanced grinding equipment designed and developed on the basis of extensive use of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with years of experience in various grinding mill vertical mills. It is an ideal equipment for the milling industry that integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying. Can be widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic minerals and other industries. It is used to grind bulk, granular and powdery raw materials into the required powdery materials. With the advent of vertical mills, the application of micronized powder has become more and more extensive, which has also led some production enterprises to reduce costs and improve economic efficiency. The cost reduction is mainly manifested in three aspects: low investment costs, low operating costs, and low prices of industrial raw materials.

Our professional vertical mill is an ideal equipment for the milling industry with multiple functions. Due to the combination of crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying, the system is simple, the layout is compact, the floor space is about 50% of the ball mill system, and it can be arranged in the open air, so the investment cost can be greatly reduced. High milling efficiency: The grinding roller directly crushes the ground material on the grinding disc, which has low energy consumption and saves energy by 30% to 40% compared with the ball milling system. Less wear: Since the grinding roller does not directly contact the grinding disc during work, and the grinding roller and the lining plate are made of high-quality materials, the service life is long and the wear is small.

The materials commonly used in the production of vertical mills, such as slag, slag, steel slag, fly ash, etc., are industrial wastes; they have been directly stacked for a long time, which not only occupies a large amount of land, but also causes Environmental pollution. The price for recycling waste is naturally very low. Due to the short residence time of the material in the mill, it is easy to detect and control the particle size and chemical composition of the product, reduce the repeated grinding and stabilize the product quality. The incorporation of slag powder into the cement can improve the strength, durability and seawater erosion resistance of the concrete. This new type of cement is more popular in the market. Slag concrete has the advantages of light weight, good thermal insulation performance, good sound absorption effect, certain strength and processability. It is widely used in construction as a filling and insulation material for enclosures, and is widely recognized by countries all over the world. . In addition, the vertical dust mill pulse dust collector captures dust, which is more environmentally friendly and clean. The development of vertical mill is a development requirement for energy-saving and low-carbon society. It is a high-quality toner equipment that uses advanced technology to reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.


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