Building sand manufacturing equipment supplier

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Sand can be used in many fields such as: construction and road building. But the fineness of some sand may not suitable for construction. On that condition, you may need to use some sand making machine. There are many suppliers of sand making machines in the world. Some are famous and some are not. Among the suppliers, we are the most famous in the world and it got its reputation by its a whole perfect set of services and high quality of products. produces series products about sand making machine, which sales well in the world.

We devoted to research and develop new mining machine. In recent years, many advanced crusher, sand making machine, mill, feeding, and beneficiation equipment is produced by . When the sand making machine working,stone less than 50mm enters sand making machine through conveyor belt. Stone is crushed by hitting other stones. Material falls down to impeller cavity. Under great centrifugal force, it hits material that coming downwards. After hitting each other, they force a vortex between impellor and shell, and hit each other several times. Finally, smaller stone comes out and goes to vibrating screen.

Satisfactory material is transported to sand washing machine. Over large material will go back to sand maker to be crushed again. Output sizes can be made according to customers requirement. If input size is larger than the designed size, other crushing machines will be necessary. Series of sand making machines: such as: LSX Series Sand Washing Machine, XSD Series Sand Washing Machine, and YK Series Vibrating Screen.


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