LM vertical milling machine Advantage

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asked Sep 17, 2018 by anonymous

Product stable high quality. Material stay in the grinding time is short, easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, reduced the repetition of grinding, the product quality more stable. Raymond Mill Grinding Ring And Grinding Roller roll ring and liner does not directly contact, the product contains iron, and mechanical wear iron and is easy to remove, is used for Grinding white or transparent materials, high whiteness and purity of the product. Equipped with prevent roller set and the spacing device of direct contact with the mill lining board, avoid the destructive impact and violent vibration, so about the quality of the finished product and stability has played a significant role in guarantee.

Easy operation and maintenance. LM Vertical Grinding Mills installed PLC/DCS automatic control system, which can realize remote control, easy operation. Through the repair oil cylinder, double rotating arm, convenient and quick replacement of roller cover, liner, reduce outage losses. 6. Energy conservation and environmental protection free from contamination. Equipment is little vibration, low noise. LM Vertical Grinding Mills, the overall sealing, the system work under negative pressure, no dust spillover, clean environment, meet the national environmental protection requirements.

LM vertical milling machine works

Main motor through rotational speed reducer drive a millstone, as well as hot air from the air inlet into the Raymond Mill Production Capacity in the body, the material through the inlet in the middle of the mill, in under the action of centrifugal force, the material from the LM Vertical Grinding Mills, mill's central to the edge of the uniform movement, while area through the mill wheel Grinding roller, roller rolling, large pieces of material is directly crush, fine grained materials is affected by extrusion forming on the intergranular crush on bed.

Shredded material continues to move mill edge, until being taken away by the wind ring in strong turbulence, the material induced by the airflow, the larger material particles under their own gravity again fell to the mill to continue to crush, the rest of the material is powder classification, in accordance with the airflow into the efficient dynamic separator in high efficiency under the action of dynamic splitter blade, not meet the requirements of the fineness of the material back to LM Vertical Grinding Mills Grinding mill, and meet the requirements of the fineness of the material with air pipelines into the pulse dust catcher are collected, through the discharging device is the finished product powder. Within the host with the material of iron difficult ground clutter with materials such as moving to the edge of mill, due to its own weight rather than by the wind, landed on LM Vertical Grinding Mills, inferior vena is installed at the bottom of the mill after scraping plate into the discharge port, discharge outside of the host.


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