Application of red mud of fluidized bed

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asked Sep 26, 2018 by birder2525 (4,200 points)

Fluidized bed combustion fluidized bed kaolin processing technology of combustion desulfurization is the coal and sulfur fixing agent mixture, combustion in fluidized bed, in order to achieve the purpose of solid sulfur.

The technique of boiler combustion temperature is low, the solid sulfur rate can reach 70%, only suitable for fluidized bed boiler, dust pressure increases, higher operating costs. Briquette combustion desulfurization technology is the selection of different coal types, with no stalk node agent or by asphalt as binder, with calcium cheap sulfur fixing agent, through carbonization shaping or direct compression molding, prepare a variety of briquette.

Combustion of briquettes in the generated S02 and coal in the sulfur fixing agent react to produce sulfate, and fixed in the bottom ash. When the red mud processing often have red mud grinding, grinding to use is that the red mud grinding equipment. Briquette combustion desulfurization technology has the advantages of simple system (without additional equipment), convenient processing, low cost operation, has a good effect for industrial boiler control more than 70% of the total layer firing boiler S02 emission, is the realization of small boilers and industrial furnaces of high efficient, clean burning a promising new desulfurization technology.


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