High-Speed Aggregate impact crusher

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asked Sep 28, 2018 by kuangshanposui (2,220 points)

Aggregate impact crusher chrome ore processing plant has straightforward structure, crushing than giant, low energy consumption, high output, lightweight weight, crushing once the finished product benefits like a cube-shaped form, additionally to the aggregate crusher on aggregate within the secondary crushing Plant, additionally wide utilized in all types of ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, industry, building, etc. Impact crusher high-speed impact is to use the plate hammer and Impact plate rebound result, build the fabric be recurrent shocks and crushing machinery. Solid loading on the high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer, and on the crushing cavity layout according to completely different angles some piece of back plate.

Aggregate into the plate hammer construction waste recycling plant the role of zone plate hammer, for the primary time and hit the primary primary crushing, and gain K.E. at a similar time, the high-speed hurried to Impact plate. aggregate and Impact plate collision once crushing once more, back to the board hammer the role of the district, to hit from the board hammer. therefore repeatedly, till the aggregate is crushing into the specified size and discharge outside. Compared with the hammer crusher, Impact crusher crushing than larger, and might additional absolutely utilize the complete rotor high-speed impact energy.

However as a results of plate hammer simple to wear and tear, it’s restricted within the application of arduous material crushing, typically utilized in coarse crushing, crushing or finely in stone, coal, binary compound, quartz, dolomite, chemical compound ore. To forestall crushing cavity could cause obstruction, while not increasing the discharge port in situ to make sure that the specified beneath the premise of discharging roughness, should by crushing the diameter of the cone bottom to extend the full discharge section.


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