How to choose vertical impact crusher

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asked Nov 30, 2018 by kuangshanposui (2,300 points)

Currently vertical impact Mica Stone Crushing Machine rotor developed into open and closed rotor two categories, with each category divided into counterattack liner ( ie stone blacksmith ) and without counter- liners ( ie rock stone ) . And several different rotor speeds , several different motor power and there are several different numbers for each rotor export specification device. By thus combined into a different energy , a different crushing effect, that the diversity and flexibility of configurations come fully reflected. To meet the needs of different users , meet the production requirements , impact crusher rotor diameter is also growing, motor power is also growing. This allows the feed particle size is also growing, and even in some cases, can be used as two broken use .

Currently vertical impact Sand Making Machine has reached its maximum diameter rotor 1600mm, allow capacity 1500t / h, feed size up to 180mm. Impact crusher control system is also diverse , general users can use conventional control , a particular user using a computer or PLC control . Remote display operation can work under the machine parameters , such as bearing temperature , vibration of the machine , the instantaneous throughput , lubrication oil quality , etc. . You can also adjust the speed of the rotor different stepless change through the different particle size. Impact crusher is used to sand Sand is the most successful one. Generally speaking , made ??mostly of sand as concrete aggregate used , it must first understand the performance of the sand , in order to better design a distinctive vertical impact crusher.

Impact crusher same product the same model , the quality is not the same . Crusher steel body and welded into the body , the body is the so-called steel crusher entire body is one, steel castings directly out of the body is because it is one of such devices therefore quite rugged use life is very long . Welded body is composed by a plurality of steel sheets , and then by manually welded , so that a much shorter service life of equipment . Welded steel body and the body in the price gap is large, steel body price is relatively high , but the price is much lower welded body . A price of a stock , here to remind you not to be tempted by some manufacturers offer , although some manufacturers give you the quoted prices are low, but the quality is certainly not. In fact, to distinguish the difference is very simple, if you're consulting several manufacturers , and then listen to their offer, formal manufacturers offer relatively high, while those of small factories quoted price is much lower , the price is too low to persuade people not to buy .


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