Small scale open pit gold mining equipment for sale

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Small scale gold Vertical Roller Mill equipment mainly includes small scale washing machine, small scale amalgamated drum, small scale jig and so on. According to different types of gold deposits in need and at the same time the small gold mining equipment.

For general types of placer gold, washing equipment according to its content to determine the Ore Milling Equipment level of gold particle shape and other factors. For lower levels of placer gold generally go through drum sieve, shuffled around the large size of the waste rock, sand into jigger enrichment gravity separation, dehydration jig concentrate into the amalgamation process, the maximum the degree of recovery of heavy minerals in gold. For a very low content of gold placer usually go through a simple and efficient beneficiation chute, chute tailings through screening, abandoned coarse, fine sweep the election into the jig, jig chute ore concentrate and mixed into the mix mercury in gold extraction processes of gold.

For large mud, mud viscous sand gold beneficiation, screening need to go through before washing machine washing off the mud, which will wash away the soil, so that the monomer gold particles can be dissociated from the clay out thus effectively re-election recycling. If there is no washing process, part of the gold particles are difficult to dissociate wrapped in clay, the next step advanced sorting can not be recovered even if this part is wrapped up gold. So for large mud, sticky mud while larger placer mineral, ore washing is essential to the process.

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