Unique traits of mobile crusher and cone crusher

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Our company has been engaged in the research, development and manufacture of whole set of portable crusher plant for many years and knows every well their secret. So no matter you are a veteran player or a new comer in the mining machinery industry, we suggest you read this article and we can guarantee you will learn more and profound than reading product instruction.

The important features of mobile stone crusher are big crushing ratio and good particle shape which are because it applies the technology of stone mobileing stone, so that materials will be crushed repeatedly, thus reducing the abrasion of the machine as much as possible. However, such working principle also determines the limit of mobile crushing machine: it has no advantage in hard ore crushing.

By contrast, cone crusher is a crushing machine more suitable for crushing hard ores. Speaking from working principle, China cone crusher crushes and release stone materials making use of the change of the gap between the two cones installed head to head. Of course, to do such a job, sufficient safety measure must be taken to avoid damaging efficient spare part. Such insurance device generally has mechanical spring device and hydraulic spring device. At present, hydraulic cone crusher is developing rapidly and has become the main force in the mining machinery market. We also mainly manufactures sand making machine which can be divided into two types: principal axis stationary type and principal axis mobile type according to the adjustment method of discharging mouth and the installation method of principal axis. The adjustment of discharging mouth of principal stationary type hydraulic cone crusher is carried out through the spiral gyration of fixed cone to make the rolling mortar wall of fixed cone to move up and down, and its principal axis is short and thick and is fixable inserted onto the machine frame and its bearing ability is strong. The working principle of the insurance device goes like this: in the crushing process, the crushing force is pulsatile, when there are non-crushable materials, the insurance device will increase the crushing gap to make the hard materials to go through and the hard materials will be separated by the follow-up ore beneficiation equipment.


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