Is there any way to track my spouse's messages and calls of her phone to know whether she’s cheating me?

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asked Dec 5, 2018 by robertgoodman (130 points)

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answered Dec 5, 2018 by shanegainey (170 points)

If you don’t trust each other, and really want to know the truth, you can track the call history and messages by using the spy apps. We can see many spy apps which can be installed on the target phones and track them in real time. You can download and install a best spy phone app which be found on some of the best websites like It won’t let phone users to know that the app has been installed on their phone. So, you can consider this app as the best one which can be worked background and hidden itself. You can see many other features in one place and use a single software to several purposes. It is most trustworthy as I seen.

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