Can the spy apps track other phone's call history and messages?

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asked Dec 6, 2018 by Hausman (130 points)
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Many developers are great at creating applications, one of the useful applications is the account registration application. Like the previous two ways, this method can be used when the device has rooted. If you haven't rooted, just skip this step.

How to restore deleted photos on your phone is very easy:

Download Bandar66 Online at Alpikasi PKV and open it.
Search and select the game that was deleted and want to restore.
Press And the account will return as before it was deleted.

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answered Dec 6, 2018 by Edwardmauch (150 points)

Yes, they can! The apps can track the call history and messages conversation of the other phone if you installed and configured the best app in a better way. The best spy app can be available on popular websites like The apps can be installed in any phone with a different OS, once you configured them on the targeted phone, they can start work in the background. The call history can be sent in real time, and the messages will be filed in different formats as you expect. The calls can be recorded automatically and the user will not be notified in any way. 

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