Machinery Pays Much Attention to Detail

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asked Dec 18, 2018 by kuangshanposui (2,220 points)

After many years' development of the domestic Mica Stone Crushing Machine mining machinery industry, all aspects are perfected and the production technology is also constantly being updated. In particular, the crusher and the mill industry is developing rapidly this year. In the rapid development, the appearance and some design concepts of the equipment in China are almost the same with the foreign brand products. However, we will find a lot of flaws from detail through careful study. There is still a big gap between domestic products and the foreign products. These are mainly the technical reason and the reason of concept. we thinks that the the domestic mining machinery must give top priority to quality. As a crusher manufacturer, our sticks to attitude first, process design first, details first to go all out for quality management.

As the saying goes, the details Vertical Roller Mill determine success or failure. The little screws also can make the machine fail. Any small part may cause large errors. In the machinery industry, we should pay more attention to details. The large-scale machinery and equipment are are assembled by all kinds of parts. The damage of any component will affect the function of the whole machine. As a machinery and equipment manufacturer, we thinks that in the producing process, we should be strict to the quality of the parts. The crusher, mill, sand making machine, the mineral processing equipment and other products are used more widely in the mining market today. The Raymond Mill is the most widely used today. The advantages of its three-dimensional structure and small footprint make the raymond mill used in mining and the industrial areas. Since the mill is used to deal with the ore, in the actual production use, the related components are more prone to wear and tear. If the quality can not reach the expected standards, the wearing parts should be replaced frequently, which will cause downtime and affect the economic benefits of the users.

In some of the milling project, the raymond mill is often used for the hard material with the Mohs hardness of 7. The reymond mill runs with high speed. During the grinding process, the grinding roller and grinding ring of the mill constantly repeat to contact with these materials. The temperature of the surface continues to rise. Therefor, the grinding roller and grinding ring must have sufficient toughness and hardness. we have a professional production workshop with large-scale advanced machine facilities. Henan Provides clients with the professional mill, a variety of wearing parts, such as the grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, blade knife, all kinds of bearings and the gland compression nut. we have a group of professionals with strong technology and advanced management experience, including professional senior engineer and a large number of skilled workers. The products produced by us has good reputation. we pays much attention to detail and concerns about the inherent quality.


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