ultrafine mill separator and maintenance

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For the overhaul of the components, it is divided into maintenance of moving blades and stationary blades. When the moving blades are inspected and repaired, they need to be vibrated one by one. To see if there are active phenomena, if any, they need to be fastened, marked, and focused on welding reinforcement. If there are severely worn and deformed blades, they need to be dismantled and installed according to the requirements of the drawings. New moving blades of the same size must be installed and weighed before installation to prevent loss of balance. 

However, when the static blades are inspected and repaired, Inside the squirrel cage of the grinding mill, remove five blades for each layer to leave enough space to observe the connection and wear of the stationary blades. Rotate the squirrel cage and check whether there is welding or wear on the joints of the stationary blades. Abrasives need to be welded with J506/ะค3.2 electrodes. Adjust the static blade angle, vertical spacing 110 mm, horizontal angle 17\u0026de; to ensure the quality of the separator.

The article mainly introduces the problem of how to repair ultrafine mill separators and louvered rings. Maintenance is performed when the failure has not occurred. Its purpose is to find the existence of failures in a timely manner and to reduce the occurrence of failures. In addition to these two components, the maintenance of other parts in raw tea is also very important.


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