Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cooling Device

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Cooling device is the indispensable part in the Stone Crushing Equipment Sale operation process of ball mill. Fine cooling effects can be achieved by adding cooling device to the whole set of ball mill. The temperature of cooling device can be set according to the concrete production requirements so as to coordinate and supplement the insufficiencies of other cooling measures. Therefore, ball mill is favored by most customers. Colling machine makes up the shortages of relevant measures; meanwhile, there are also certain disadvantages for colling device . In the wide and long-term usage, the colling equipment of ball mill is checked all the time.

The Safety Guarantee Impact Crusher working process and state are recorded all the time so as to make the technicians to research and contrast the features of colling equipment of ball mill. 1. Single function. It only can be used to coll the temperature of material. It doesn't have any effects on the dehydration of similar materials. 2. High cost. High cost will be spent on the application of colling machine of ball mill. Meanwhile, the dosage is relatively higher when colling machine is used. 3. Security risk. The colling machine will be abraded when the materials stay in the colling machine for a long term. Therefore, the security risk such as water leakage may exist.

Laboured work. The supporting machines of ball mill require that the particle purity of materials discharged from the colling machine is higher. However, colling machine cannot finish its work under this circumstance. At the same time, integument will form on the internal surface if the colling machine works for a long time, thus the utilization efficiency of colling machine will be greatly reduced. Limited usage. Because the installation of colling machine should be coordinated with other machines especially the welding work is difficult in working process of the large-scale ball mill, the limitation exists in the application process. As for these insufficiencies, we hope that more theories and researches will solve them to make colling machine exploit its advantages to the full. In order to better improve the colling measures, we will do their best to make research to solve these problems.


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