the screen material and standard

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Enterprises in the purchase of chrome processing plant, in order to guarantee the basic quality, should choose silk screen diameter and pore size standard, ensure the screen on both sides of the knot, and is not easy to release, guarantee the uniform mesh longitude, about does not shake. Secondly, in order to ensure all kinds of impurity removal, screening and filtering, classification, the need of high precision, carries on the understanding to the screen mesh size and effective screening area, matching degree to determine their own needs.

In determining the screen material and standard, can screen net installation machine to install by vibration. In order to improve the current chrome processing plant screening fineness, ours engineer to remind the user, can choose to replace the screen at the same time, covering the screen, more fine in the original screen surface around the fastening, in order to realize high precision screening.

The metal mesh can use yellow copper wire, phosphorus copper wire, stainless steel wire, metal wire, usually between 0.4-0.025 mm, clear and correct, this kind of mesh hole net surface Ping Ting, sturdy and durable, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant stainless steel screen can also, more for the proportion is large powder screening and slurry filtration.

ours selection of high manganese steel prepared, in the mines, coal mines, construction and other industries with remarkable achievement. Synthetic fiber nylon or polyester mesh has a filament and brown two kinds, the network does not rust, corrosion resistance, can partially replace the metal screen.


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