The existing problems of the quarry

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The mining of the deposit includes two categories: underground operationor open-air operation. The operation that there is no natural lightingand works in the underground is called the underground operation and thequarry is also called underground quarry. The quarrying equipment in the naturallight is known as the outdoor quarry.

The sources of the ecological damage of the quarry can be divided intotwo categories: human destruction and natural destruction. Both thehuman destruction and natural destruction will eventually lead to thedestruction of vegetation, the bareness of the land, soil erosion anddeterioration of the ecological environment and the natural landscapewill suffer the destruction and a series of serious ecological andenvironmental problems.

In the entire mining process of the quarry, when it rains, it will makethe soil that has lost the vegetation protection and soil conservationbe further eroded by rain, causing soil erosion. If it encounters theheavy rain and poor weather conditions, it is most likely to cause themudslide, leading to the serious soil erosion and deterioration of theecological environment.


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