trapezium mill roller wear resistance

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asked Mar 5 by birder2525 (3,360 points)

When using the trapezium mill, we must promptly solve the problem of the roller.  The grinding roller is a very important part of the trapezium mill, and its damage will lead to the suspension of the entire production process.  


The point is the quality problem of the ultra-fine mill itself, because the core components such as the grinding roller are wear-resistant parts during production, so in order to better extend the service life, it is necessary to choose a production material with better wear resistance. , but many manufacturers in order to obtain greater production efficiency, the material used, wear resistance did not reach, so trapezium mill roller wear resistance is low, in the production will be prone to problems, so choose a better quality Equipment is also very important.


The article mainly analyzes the problem of grinding roller wear when trapezium mill work. The main reasons for introducing the above two aspects are as follows: First, quality, and first, operation, so we need to have more mill capacity. Good performance requires good equipment selection and reasonable operation.


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