The normal work of the calcium carbonate equipment

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The normal work of the calcium carbonate equipment, should always pay attention to whether the normal working state of calcium carbonate equipment. If abnormal, should immediately stop maintenance. The device starts the normal again after the inspection of nozzles each calcium carbonate plant without clogging or fall off and the temperature of the motor and voice, always observe the exciter sound, calcium carbonate equipment four cases observation angle amplitude is consistent, the triangle belt is loose or fall off, always observe the effect of dehydration and dielectric. 

Special attention will be on a sieve material discharging end rear can stop should stop time. Observation of sieve through resonance point and other equipment are collision free parking, when found the following must immediately stop. Encounter endanger personal safety or the safety of equipment conditions, should be calm. 

When the operating personnel in operating the equipment should pay special attention to the above points, avoid the occurrence of safety problems of personal safety and equipment, as far as possible to reduce unnecessary losses. Therefore, the operator should accept the relevant skills training, with the technology level of the corresponding. In the safe use of calcium carbonate plant problem, the operating personnel must not be careless.


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