The reason for the uneven jaw crusher discharge

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Jaw crusher crushing often a standard European Impact Crusher, a very wide range of applications, mining, quarries, cement plants and others have used, jaw crusher has large crushing ratio, uniform particle size of the material, structural connection single, reliable, operating costs and economic characteristics. In everyday use jaw crusher discharge size prone to uneven, uneven on the impact of the expected size of the secondary crusher, thereby affecting the entire crushing production line, we based on their expertise and experience, summed up the five impact of leaving the crusher discharge size uniformity reasons.

First, the motor circuit Energy Saving Raymond Mill Price reversed. Causing the machine reverse (moving jaw clockwise), or motor delta connection connected in star connection, this phenomenon is more common. Before the test, should be examined carefully to work effectively solve and prevent this phenomenon. Second, jaw displacement. After the change in the position of the jaw, and the tooth tip relative to the tooth tip, the problem can be solved by adjusting the jaw. Third, the wear between parts. After moving jaw and bearing wear gap is too large, relative rotation of the bearing outer ring. Then we must replace the bearings, moving jaw or take other possible ways to reduce the movable jaw and the bearing clearance.

Fourth, the discharge mouth size of the problem. Nesting population less than the specified limit, then the nesting population adjustment can solve the problem. Heavy learned from Red Star, you can adjust the shims, wedge adjustment, hydraulic adjustment device to adjust or support other methods of regulation. Fifth, the broken material does not meet the standards. Hardness or toughness of the material to be broken over the use of the range specified in the instructions, this problem should carefully read the instructions before use, for maximum hardness of jaw crusher can crush materials in order to choose the right machine can be avoided.

The above information is for reference only, please contact the special circumstances crusher manufacturers, we are only based on the expertise and experience to write, incomplete or wrong place please correct me, please indicate the article from us, We are a professional crusher manufacturers , the main jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, such as crushing and screening equipment.


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