structure of limestone impact crusher

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Some time ago a lot of customers through business leads to our consulting engineers on the mechanical structure of the problem of bentonite mining processing plant, they hope that through a detailed understanding of the structure of bentonite mining processing plant design features, working principle and the aspects have a more profound understanding. Below we for the user to introducing the structure limestone impact crusher composition.

Through the limestone impact crusher parts diagram we can see clearly, limestone impact crusher machine is mainly composed of a screen box, a screen, a vibrator, a damping spring device, chassis parts. Each component of our limestone impact crusher were used as materials to make the quality and become, side plates and beams, the exciter base made of high strength bolt or rivet connection sieve shaker vibration, using a cylinder type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block adjusting amplitude.

When running the motor through a triangle belt driven spindle rotation, vibration exciter, the centrifugal inertia force under the action of limestone impact crusher box, drive for certain amplitude. The material in the sieve surface tilted by the sieve box pass impulse arising from continuous casting movement, and when the screen surface met, who through the sieve surface size less than sieve, sieve and those greater than has been left in the sieve surface, so as to achieve the purpose of classification.


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