eco-friendly crusher structure and performance

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asked Mar 25 by birder2525 (4,000 points)

What is the crusher? The crusher has again what use? Crushing machine where the best? The 3 problem is usually production industry novices often have doubt. Eco-friendly crusher is the machinery and equipment for crushing ores and rocks, of which eco-friendly crusher for cost-effective production well was warmly welcomed by the manufacturers.

Because the main used in smelting, chemical raw materials in the production of polished eco-friendly crusher is mainly used for crushing of Broken limestone, granite, low hardness material and so on, can be used as crushing equipment, stone, plastic, garbage and other materials, and the eco-friendly crusher machine production line can also be applied to sand and mineral processing.

So eco-friendly crusher is very popular in the industry. Eco-friendly crusher is composed of a box body, a rotor, hammer, lining counterattack sieve plate, such as the five major components, the working principle of the original material is broken by impact hammer crusher internal, broken after the completion of the bored into the lower part of the rotor, the material for the second time to the crushing crushing plate in the hammer to drive undershoot, hammer in the process of high-speed rotary continuously with animal material impact and crushing.


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