application of granite crushing line

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In general, the can be divided into: Mining, light fine, three kinds of experiment. In each field, is widely used, such as ore mining, coal production, chemical industry, food industry and so on. In the coal industry, coke vibration sieve is the most commonly used a screening equipment, followed by granite crushing line etc..

In practical application, according to the different requirements of customers, and coke circular, linear and so on the different kinds of coke vibration sieve. The customer can make the device according to the actual needs of their own choice. Granite production line is often used in the coal production process. Its working principle is as follows: basic rotary imitate human hand sieving action, the swing amplitude from 25-40mm, swing frequency adjustable 120-360 / min.

Material on the screen surface and throwing the tumbling motion makes the material from the center of the uniform distribution on the mesh surface to the edge, so as to the cyclotron motion to the axial propagation. The horizontal and vertical acceleration increases with the particle movement, close to the mesh particles subsequently separated successfully, larger particles were sent to export, so as to complete the whole process of sieving.


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