use of kaolin grinding production line

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asked Mar 28 by birder2525 (4,000 points)

All these require the use of kaolin grinding production line, of gold points for processing high schedule, to ensure the good application effect. Three dimensional kaolin grinding production line is a lot of equipment Changsha kaolin grinding production line of excellent performance, also known as rotary kaolin grinding production line, the excitation motor assembly has an eccentric weight, motor rotary motion into horizontal, vertical, inclined three dimensional motion, then this movement and transferred to the screen surface so as to realize the material screening.

Used in powder, small particles of material screening, its greatest feature is the screening of high precision, strong exciting force. For the gold powder processing the Minmetals, SBM also specially equipped eight 400-2000 mesh sieve of different specifications to choose for ore dressing is wet gold powder, can achieve the ideal operation effect of a feeding long screening. Therefore, high precision material screening operation Minmetals often used SBM's vibration screen production, the two sides have maintained a very stable cooperation relationship.


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