Maintenance of hammer mill

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asked Apr 10 by birder2525 (4,000 points)

Crusher in general production efficiency is very high, and now the new crushing equipment and traditional compared to have been greatly improved, the production quality is good, the operation is also very handy. As an important part of crusher, hammer mill motor is the core to provide power lies, is dynamic hub, but in the production process often encountered a variety of problems and faults, then the fault common to hammer mill etc. this how repair? 

Crusher motor stator, rotor is an important part of the motor, in the production process, the crusher setting, rotor damage occur or other fault is mainly caused by the following points.The first is broken bearing excessive wear or assembly problems caused, this will lead to the mutual friction constant, rotor, also will make the core surface with varying degrees of damage, which led to the hammer mill change, core loss increases, the high temperature rise. 

In view of this situation the general need for fine file to remove burr, short circuit and can solve the silicon steel sheet, until completely clean then the coated with insulating paint, drying after use. Crusher motor price is not fixed, mainly decided according to its configuration.



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