High efficiency sand washing machine made by our company

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Sand washing machine plays an important role in mining machinery by virtue of its high efficiency, low energy consumption and good cleanness. There are commonly two kinds of washing machines for sale in the market. One is screw sand washing machine and another is wheeled sand washing machine. The screw sand washing plant uses the pushing force of helical blade to remove dirt. The wheeled sand washing machine turns over under the drive of impeller, makes the materials grind mutually and finally removes the impurities on the surface of sand and gravels. These two kinds of washing machines are all popular sand washing and selecting equipment.

Sand washing machine is the necessary equipment to provide high-quality aggregates in building materials and other primary engineering projects. The old-type sand washing machine has not been capable of keeping pace with the rapid development of modern mining processing. To meet the increasingly strict requirement of sandstone aggregate, we successfully maintains the important status in mineral processing equipment industry through technology innovation and building the best washing machines. Sand washing machine has made great contributions to China's economy.

In the increasingly fierce competition, our company has spent many years of time on researching and innovating the technologies of manufacturing crusher, sand washing machine, sand making machine, grinding mill, together with stone crushing line and sand production line. sand washing machines endow with various model number, good cleanness, high efficiency and low energy consumption. We will continue to try its best to create the superb sand washing machines for users, and strive to become one of the most favorable manufacturers of mining equipment.


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